Blank Slate

What’s simultaneously more exciting and more terrifying than a completely blank slate? I used to begin new sketchbooks from the back to the front because opening the book to all those blank pages was too intimidating. What if the drawing on the front page was terrible?

On a grander scale, I’m currently facing this with my new house. The duplex was built in the late 1940’s and is a perfect example of working class, post-war town architecture. The croppedneighborhood as it currently stands is actually pretty much the same; working class families. The house has been rented for the past 20 years, and as rental properties tend to be, it’s a bit worn down and devoid of character.

In other words, it’s a blank slate. In other words, I can’t mess it up.

This also comes with a fair bit of anxiety. I have never done this before. At all. Sure, I had painted houses before, spackled, even did some drywall. But I had never been allowed to call the shots.

What if I paint the walls too dark? What if nothing matches? What if my friends think my sense of style is ridiculous?

It took a simple door to instantly quell my anxiety. The basement door. The murder door. The door leads to the outside and was broken, peeling, and overall disgusting. I didn’t waste time sanding. I didn’t even clean it off. I just took an old paint brush and gave it a fresh coat of white. And I realized that literally anything I do will be better than the current situation.

Before_doorIMG_1697 *I will be replacing this door. Verryy soon.

Below: The blank slate as it stood in December of 2016.



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