Basement Rescue


What a dark and dingy space.

In order to comply with the FHA loan requirements, the basement needed a fair bit of work before I could even purchase it. Since I purchased the house from a relative, I took place in the rehabbing of the basement. This is my first home, and I wanted to spend as much time as possible in it to get familiar with it before I moved in.

The inspector was concerned about mold in the far corner of the basement. Not sure if it was actually mold, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry, and regardless, the walls looked gross.

IMG_1108The basement is divided into two rooms. The front room (left) has a drop ceiling, and all the walls are sealed with a white sealant paint.

Basically I needed to reseal the walls in the second room, which probably hadn’t been sealed in over 40 years.

This is what the walls of the second room looked like. You could almost feel the dampness seeping through the walls. Gross.


*this is NOT the second room that I worked on. This is a room that still needs rescued.

The first thing to do was to chip away all of the old sealant paint, which was coming loose anyway, since moisture had gotten underneath it and kind of bubbled the paint out from the wall.

If you’re working on old homes, be aware of lead paint and please use a face mask when chipping or sanding paint off.

I then sanded down the whole wall with an electric sander… make sure you don’t actually care about your electric sander before subjecting it to a concrete wall. This kills the sander.

IMG_1655Make sure you also don’t care about your paint brushes… the sandy paint will murder them.

The corner picture is a fair example of the difference one coat of sealant paint makes. Pretty neat.

The lower half of the basement wall got a second coat of sealant, and I finished up with a coat of flat white over the whole wall.

I bought blue paint on an impulse, handed it to my cousin and his friend along with plenty of beers and told them to go for it.


Oooh shiny. As a result, my basement looks MUCH less murdery.


bonus pic.


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