Luck out of Hard Work

Not “working so hard you get lucky.” No… I’m your classic depressed millennial and my motivation is often low.

What I’m talking about is having luck which gets you out of hard work. Score.

I haven’t gotten lucky on a lot of this house so far. There are STILL massive staples in my floor that someone felt were necessary to use to tack down carpet. (They’re 2 inch long spikes driven into the floor! Why????). There were about 8 outlets that were not grounded and were massive fire hazards (hello $$$$).

But some things have swung in my favor.

The floor is the biggest thing. Underneath the rather crusty 90’s carpet was a hardwood in an unknown condition. It looks so much better than anyone expected! The worst thing about it is some paint drips. I will need to refinish it in the future, but for now, it looks pretty good.



Hell yeah.




On a slightly less impressive note, the latest lucky moment I’ve had has been in the kitchen.

The kitchen is… outdated to say the least. I don’t have issues with things looking old-fashioned. My grandmother actually owned this house in the 1980’s, and I would not have minded at ALL if the kitchen was still outdated to her tastes.

Unfortunately, almost everything that had been done to this kitchen to ‘update’ it was either done incorrectly or half-assed. It really does need a full redo, but I don’t quite have the money for it right now. Painting is the next best option.

Painting is easy! Except when things are in your way. Someone had put up a wallpaper crown thing around half of the kitchen. It wasn’t applied correctly and was peeling, with glue dripping everywhere. Parts of it were held together with that SUPER STRONG packing tape. Urgh.

I wasn’t looking forward to peeling this off of the walls. Everyone kept telling me it was going to be a nightmare, with the glue not coming off, or what have you.

LUCKY FOR ME the glue is SUPER OLD and may not even be proper glue because it is WATER-SOLUBLE. Literally all I had to do was run a warm, wet rag along the wallpaper and just scrape it off.

For some reason, this is more exciting to me than the floors.



This is what I’m going for. I just really want teal cabinets. 


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